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The Cooperative - FreightViewer opens to non-members

The freight forwarding industry is evolving very fast and for this reason, the Cooperative Logistics Network has decided to expand its accessibility and offer as many opportunities as possible to all users. The Coop’s IT department has added a new feature to FreightViewer that enables members to send and receive quote requests to any of their partners both within as well as outside the Network. This quote request comes in the form of an interactive quotation link that can be filled up by the recipient.

This new feature allows members to easily communicate and exchange the necessary information with their partners. The most important advantage of this new tool is that henceforth members will be able to store the rates from independent freight forwarders outside the Network in FreightViewer. In other words, the addition of this new feature enables the agents to speed up the process of quote generation and even allows them to store all quotes provided by any freight forwarder in a unique platform.

Even though conducting business with the network partners is a tried and tested way to work in a safe and secure environment, many agents have already successfully partnered with several companies that are not Coop members before becoming a part of the network. This is precisely why the Coop’s FreightViewer department considered it essential to open the system to external agents. This has enormously facilitated communication even with companies who are not part of the network alongside the trustworthy Coop partners.

“The digitization of the freight forwarding sector has ushered in numerous challenges for logistics companies. One of the most important challenges is the capacity to centralize and store all the data and exchange of information on one single platform. This where FreightViewer comes into play. Apart from allowing the agents to generate instant, accurate door-to-door quotations, it also simplifies the steps to request quotes from overseas agents thereby bringing more efficiency into the daily business operations,” says CQR Founder and President Antonio Torres. Regardless of whether the freight agent is a Coop member or not, all users can now send and receive quotations from this platform.

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