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Krasnoyarsk region, Krasnoyarsk International Airport and ‘Volga-Dnepr’ have inked a cooperation agreement for creation of an international cargo hub

Krasnoyarsk region, Krasnoyarsk International Airport and Volga-Dnepr Group have signed a cooperation agreement with respect to the development of cross-regional and international cargo operations, with Krasnoyarsk International Airport becoming the main logistics hub. The potential economic benefit amount to 267 million roubles.  The official signing ceremony took place as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.  

The agreement covers the opening of the international postal centre in Krasnoyarsk airport, as well as cargo customs office and mail customs checkpoint for more effective and seamless cargo clearance. The cooperation will also foster the introduction of new logistics and transport models.

Alexander Uss, the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region, highlights: «Krasnoyarsk region and the airport have been cooperating with Volga-Dnepr for a very long time.  The most significant practical effect our region felt during last year when the pandemic hit.  Cargo transportations performed by Volga-Dnepr Group have impacted the finance and economic results of the airport and it was the Group that enabled stable operations of Krasnoyarsk air hub. Volga-Dnepr has also introduced the sterile or clean airport initiative. Emelyanovo is one of a few airports in Russia offering this service which increased the volume of cargo carried to/from the airport. Today Krasnoyarsk region with the support of its long-standing aviation partner has made a step towards the creation of an international cargo hub. The cargo centre which is to be based here will make Emelyanovo one of the strongest airports in Russia, the economic driver of the region and Siberia’.

Alexey Isaykin, Partner and Chairman of the Board, Volga-Dnepr, commented: ‘We have been operating through Krasnoyarsk for many years. However, 2020 was an exceptional year and it also demonstrated that the airport potential has not been unleashed to a full extent.  We have had a five-fold increase of cargo carried to/from and through Emelyanovo and the airport services coped with all the operations, with a major part of the work being done by liveware not only by hardware and software. The airport demonstrated that it could provide high-quality services and keep on increasing the volumes. The major contributing commodities have been PPE, medical products and equipment, as the group has been carrying out an important rescue mission for our customers across Russia and beyond. It is very important that we have not reached the ceiling and see further potential for development.

Andrey Metzler, General Director of Krasnoyarsk Airport, said: ‘The airport’s infrastructure has changed significantly over the last several years. This is the reason it has become the hub airport for Volga-Dnepr Group and Aeroflot Airlines. A lot has been done and this is just the beginning. The airport is capable to increase its passenger and cargo operations. The runway and infrastructure allow us to handle various types of planes with the provision of high-quality services. It should be also noted that Volga-Dnepr and Emelyanovo are working under different projects, with one of them being the training of personnel for MRO services and ground handling operations – apron daily operations, airport drivers, passenger handling’.

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