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Cargo IQ fosters innovation and data exchange in the air cargo industry

Cargo iQ is an IATA interest group that aims to improve the air cargo industry’s quality and performance through the implementation of quality standards and processes. The organization focuses on creating and implementing quality standards for the air cargo supply chain, with the goal of improving efficiency, transparency, and reliability in air freight operations. In an exclusive to Cargo Trends at the CNS Partnership Conference in Dallas, Lothar Moehle, Cargo IQ Executive Director outlined the quality standards for the air cargo industry.

He said, “Cargo IQ is actively engaged in advancing data exchange and innovation within the air cargo industry, particularly focusing on initiatives such as Cargo IQ and the adoption of the one record concept. With approximately 80 members, including both longstanding participants and newer additions such as small and medium-sized forwarders, the organization aims to facilitate seamless data sharing and improve operational efficiency.”

However, challenges persist, particularly concerning the integration of new technologies into existing IT systems. Cargo IQ positions itself as an enabler, encouraging members to embrace the latest advancements while recognizing the diverse priorities and constraints of individual stakeholders. One key project involves the development of care mapping, a comprehensive planning tool that integrates shipment milestones with logistical considerations such as temperature sensitivity and transit point requirements.

“Despite these challenges, there remains a positive uptake of Cargo IQ membership, driven by the perceived opportunities for enhancing quality and operational effectiveness within the air cargo industry. One of the biggest challenges reported by potential new members is the process of upgrading their IT systems, with many prioritizing this aspect before focusing on quality considerations. However, Cargo IQ encourages potential members to combine both aspects simultaneously to avoid future rework. Despite these challenges, there's an overall positive uptake of Cargo IQ membership, with small-sized forwarders recognizing the benefits and seizing the opportunity to join. This growth contributes to Cargo IQ's recognition as the quality voice for the air cargo industry at large” Lothar Moehle added.

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