Volga-Dnepr transports its largest outsized piece onboard An-124-150

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has transported a large custom-built compressor from Zurich (Switzerland) to Abu Dhabi (UAE) on its Antonov 124-150 aircraft. The delivery was organized in partnership with GEODIS, the Group’s long-standing customer.

The project has been one-of-the kind as the single piece, measuring 15.65 x 4.40 x 3.85 m and weighing 100 tons, was one of the largest out-of-gauge shipments ever carried aboard An-124-150.

The preparation covered all the steps and details involving project teams from the Shipper, Consignee, Forwarder and Operator and ticking off key milestones, ending with a site visit to ensure all open points and modifications were executed. Each step was coordinated by Volga-Dnepr Operational Base in Dubai, with load planners and commercial team being always here to support and advise.

Artemiy Ivanovskiy, Regional manager IMEA, Volga-Dnepr highlights: ‘With strict delivery deadlines from the onset we were battling with many challenges from production, assembly, operations handling and other facets. Thanks to clear and straightforward communication with all the stakeholders we were able to resolve them and come up with a comprehensive action plan to accomplish this complex transportation, meeting customer’s requirements and getting positive feedback in the end'.  

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