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Maskargo Flies Panda Cubs Yi Yi & Sheng Yi Home To China

MASkargo have successfully flew panda cubs Yi Yi and Sheng Yi back to their new home at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China.

Mark Jason Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of MASkargo, who was present at the MASkargo Animal Hotel during the send-off said, “In a relationship that augurs well for Malaysia, we are proud to be a part of such a significant event. It is an honor for MASkargo to be part of the journey in transporting the national treasures of the People’s Republic of China to their homeland.”

He added, “The staff at Animal Hotel undergo regular trainings to keep themselves updated with the latest know-how on both safety and animal welfare pertaining to shipments of live animals by air. In the past, we have transported exotic animals such as sea lions, tiger sharks, baby giraffes and rhinoceros to name a few. Our vast experience in domesticated and live animal transportation has accorded MASkargo with a membership in the IATA Live Animal Board.”


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