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Fits Cargo Partners with WebCargo by Freightos

Freightos has announced a partnership of WebCargo by Freightos with Fits Cargo. This collaboration enables Fits Cargo to extend its service across WebCargo’s extensive network of thousands of freight forwarders and dozens of airline carriers.

Fits Cargo have begun offering capacity to freight forwarders on WebCargo’s platform on popular lanes, such as Chennai – Colombo, Colombo – Dubai and India – selected destinations worldwide.  “Fits Cargo is excited to take this step and offer capacity on WebCargo’s platform to continue to deliver value to our customers in an increasingly digital freight world,” said Zameer Marikkar, Chief Commercial Officer at Fits Cargo. “WebCargo’s e-booking solution and interline platform extends our global reach and connectivity, giving us visibility and access to new markets, seamless transactions and eBookings for our clients, bolstering Fits Cargo’s market presence,” he added.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fits Cargo, a forward-thinking freight carrier that quickly adapts to industry shifts and evolving customer demands,” said Manel Galindo, Chief Revenue Officer at WebCargo.  “Fits Cargo’s portfolio of interline partnerships is a perfect fit for WebCargo’s platform, the first of its kind to offer integrated digital interline services. The platform empowers Fits Cargo to book capacity on their interline partners instantaneously and deliver the widest possible network of destinations to their customers.  They can now access instant capacity to popular destinations in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific and South America, which translates into better reach and operations for freight forwarders in over 10,000 offices worldwide."

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