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CSafe Global Providing Thermal Protection for COVID-19 Vaccine Shipments from BioNTech Facility

 CSafe Global has partnered with BioNTech as the thermal shipping solution provider for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine shipments from BioNTech’s facility in Germany. The custom thermal shipping container maintains -70°C for a minimum of 240 hours to help ensure the vaccine arrives safely at locations around the world.

The custom container uses a double wall of best-in-class Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) technology, a custom payload box with product vial trays with a built-in handle for simplified packing and unpacking. Thermal testing exceeded all expectations and the shipper consistently performed well beyond the 240-hour minimum. The container will maintain the desired temperature indefinitely with the addition of dry ice as needed.

“Using innovative engineering design concepts, the CSafe team was able to exceed BioNTech’s requirements for a high-performance container that will maintain -70°C for more than 10 days,” said Patrick Schafer, CSafe Global CEO. “Additionally, we were also able to reduce the amount of dry ice needed by more than 30% from our original projection by making additional tweaks to the design. CSafe has always been a purpose-driven company and every one of our employees couldn’t be prouder of this tremendous achievement and our role in helping BioNTech put an end to the pandemic.”

The tailor-made double-wall VIP insulated shipper provides 10+ days of temperature protection for vaccine shipments from BioNTech’s facility with minimal dry ice.

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