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Lufthansa Cargo to use environmentally friendly plastic film for transportation

Starting in mid-September, Lufthansa Cargo will be the first cargo airline to use a new type of film that consists of ten percent recycled plastic and is also one micrometer (one µ) thinner than previous films. This means that about two kilograms less film is needed on each cargo flight.

"We are particularly pleased to be the first cargo airline to be able to use a more environmentally friendly film in the transport of our freight after many tests at selected stations and good cooperation with our specialist departments, our waste disposal company and our film producer. This brings us a step closer to our goal of using our plastic film in a circular way,” says Dorothea von Boxberg, Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Cargo AG.

"The development of a sustainable plastic film is a long-term task on which we have worked intensively with Lufthansa Cargo. Together, we have developed requirements for the new film, tested it in operation and can now introduce it as a standard product worldwide at Lufthansa Cargo," explains Peter Griebel, Managing Director of Verpa Folie Weidhausen GmbH. "Now we have set ourselves the goal of successively increasing the recycled content of our plastic film to 30 percent by 2025."

At the end of the year, further optimization of the films is on the agenda: In the future, Lufthansa Cargo wants to use films from the manufacturer Verpa that contain a recycled content on the one hand and are also biodegradable on the other. What is special about this is that, despite the recycled content, these films will also be recyclable together with other films without restriction. After all, the primary goal is and remains the material recycling of the films. 

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