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Global Critical Logistics and SAL Saudi Logistics Services enter exclusive partnership

Global Critical Logistics (GCL) has signed an exclusive commercial partnership agreement with SAL Saudi Logistics Services in Saudi Arabia. Under the agreement, SAL will provide exclusive logistics services to all GCL companies inside of Saudi Arabia, serving end-customers in the entertainment, live events, (motor) sports, fine arts, and film and television production.

GCL will support SAL for all global logistics and freight forwarding services for these end markets for projects originating in Saudi Arabia and requiring solutions into and out of the country.

“Our group has been supporting live events in the Kingdom for several years now and it has been exciting to witness the incredible development and growth of this industry and related sectors in Saudi Arabia,” said Paul J. Martins, CEO and President of GCL.

“Being part of the positive transformation that the country is driving is a privilege that we do not take lightly and working with a strong local partner is key. SAL is not only well established as the clear leader of integrated logistics services in Saudi Arabia, but equally has the desire and vision to further develop and grow logistics solutions for critical end markets.”

“In order to deliver high-quality, dependable, and on-time solutions for critical projects, it is of utmost importance to understand local regulation, requirements, and ways of working,” said Martins. “Partnering with a locally established leader that shares our ambition for zero-failure service delivery is the best way for us to ensure that we can deliver the high-quality value proposition that our customers expect.”

Faisal Al-Bedah, Managing Director and CEO of SAL, believes that this partnership brings added value to SAL's extensive experience in Cargo Ground Handling and Logistics Solutions. “GCL is one of the leading international companies providing critical logistics services and has a key role in facilitating entertainment and art activities. The importance of this partnership reflects on Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which puts considerable focus on sports and entertainment industries, in turn reflecting positively on enhancing the quality of life within the Kingdom,” Mr. Faisal Al-Bedah said.


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