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Etihad Cargo To Host Cargo IQ Working Group Meeting In Abu Dhabi

Etihad Cargo to host Cargo iQ's first working group meeting of 2023 in Abu Dhabi. The meeting will bring together over 40 attendees plus online members from around the world to explore how industry standards and digital tools can facilitate greater efficiencies in air cargo.

Thomas Schürmann, Head of Cargo Operations & Delivery at Etihad Cargo says:

"As a Cargo iQ member, Etihad Cargo is committed to meeting its delivery promises in full and exceeding customer requirements,”. "Cargo iQ and its robust Quality Management System provide global industry standards that enhance transparency and provide a benchmark for best practices that benefit the entire air cargo sector. Hosting and participating in Cargo iQ's first working group meeting of the new year demonstrates Etihad Cargo's commitment to quality.”

The Cargo iQ management team has prepared 13 individual working group meetings covering a range of topics to improve operational processes and application of road-feeder services, care protocol, door-to-door services, and smart data, among others.

Lothar Moehle, Cargo iQ's Executive Director, said :

"The work on quality improvements never stops. Cargo iQ members are sending their experts to Abu Dhabi for a week of in-depth meetings that will facilitate the fine-tuning and enhancement of Cargo iQ methodology and regulations further. Cargo iQ members and the management team would like to extend thanks to Etihad Cargo for sponsoring this working group meeting and making these sessions possible."




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