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Airportr and Swissport announces global strategic partnership

AirPortr, the digital platform and provider of smart baggage management solutions, enters into a strategic partnership with Swissport. The partnership will enable off-airport baggage processing for airlines and airports, transforming the passenger experience as well as driving operational efficiencies. AirPortr’s technology, product leadership and scalable end-to-end solution will be combined with Swissport’s global presence, its supply chain competence and logistical and operational expertise.

This partnership will enable all passengers – regardless of whether they travel in economy, business or first class – to pre-book an at-home baggage collection slot for departing flights. A courier will digitally verify ID and travel documents at the doorstep and seal the baggage for secure delivery to the airport. Passengers will receive live updates and digital airline baggage tags. This transforms the often neglected first-stages of the travel experience, allowing passengers to travel bag-free to the airport, switch to public transport if preferred, bypass the check-in and baggage drop at the airport, and proceed directly to security. The solution also streamlines the last leg of passengers’ journeys, allowing them to digitally submit an eDeclaration, have their bags cleared through Customs, and delivered to their destination within hours of landing – skipping baggage reclaim altogether.

Off-airport processing transforms the baggage handling process across the airport and aviation ecosystem. For air travelers, it facilitates truly contactless airport journeys underpinned by seamless digital experiences and improves passenger mobility. For distribution partners it creates value by generating new ancillary revenue streams. For operators, it increases the throughput of existing airport infrastructure by reducing passenger interactions, queues and resource requirements, as well as maximizing space utilization. It also has a positive sustainability impact, with 66% of AirPortr users switching from car usage to public transport as a result of traveling bag-free. This unlocks the large-scale modal-shift that is required for the aviation industry to meet its sustainability targets – vowing to halve emissions by 2050.

Randel Darby, CEO and Founder at AirPortr, said: “The partnership with Swissport is a significant milestone – it outlines a blueprint and scalable platform for the introduction of smart baggage solutions across the aviation industry. With Swissport, we are transforming baggage from a customer and cost pain point into a new revenue stream, increasing handling efficiency and improving passenger experience. The first deployment will launch imminently, facilitated by a go to market strategy which enables us to deploy rapidly, making the product available across airline client networks.

“Our vision is to create a global connected network for airline clients – this partnership with Swissport brings us one step closer to making that vision a reality.  By marrying the strength of our technology with Swissport’s operational footprint, this solution is redefining the role of baggage.”

Bruno Stefani, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Switzerland and France added: “As the world's leading provider of aviation ground services, Swissport strives to continuously enhance its service quality. We want to generate added value for airlines and their passengers in order to offer a simpler and even more enjoyable travel experience in the future. AirPortr's platform, as well as our global network and existing airline customer relationships, enable an end-to-end solution and user experience for passengers. The complexity of baggage handling will be transformed through user-friendly, intuitive and scalable solutions into a customer-centric service for passengers, allowing them to personalize ancillary services according to their individual needs.”

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