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Cathay Cargo receives IATA’s CEIV Lithium Batteries certification

Cathay Cargo and the Cathay Cargo Terminal have received the IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Lithium Batteries (CEIV Li-batt) certification. With this new accreditation, both Cathay Cargo and the Cathay Cargo Terminal each now hold the full set of CEIV certifications, joining CEIV Pharma, CEIV Fresh and CEIV Live Animals.

CEIV Li-batt addresses an important issue for the air-cargo industry. The incorrect charging, handling and mislabelling of shipments containing lithium-ion batteries can endanger people and property, and has caused fires. This has become a bigger issue for the air-cargo industry as e-commerce continues to grow, increasing the incidence of undeclared or misdeclared shipments.

The airline-specific CEIV Li-batt accreditation joins Cathay Cargo’s existing mitigations for lithium-ion battery shipments, which include a full range of fire containment bags (FCBs) and fire-resistant containers (FRCs). Cathay Cargo also operates its Cargo Agent Operation Programme and an additional indemnity scheme for mislabelled dangerous goods as the supply chain becomes more complex.

The Cathay Cargo Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport has also independently achieved its own CEIV Li-batt accreditation for cargo terminal operators, ensuring customers’ shipments receive a safe and assured end-to-end experience, whether travelling to, from or through Hong Kong.

Director Cargo Tom Owen said:

“The safe carriage of lithium-ion batteries is a core focus of our cargo business and we have introduced a coherent and far-reaching series of safety protocols with our customers and operational teams to mitigate risks over the past few years. The CEIV Li-batt accreditation now achieved by both Cathay Cargo and the Cathay Cargo Terminal will give further confidence to our customers that we adhere to the highest standards of handling in the industry.”

IATA Regional Vice President for North Asia Dr Xie Xingquan said:

“The air cargo market for products containing lithium-ion batteries is experiencing significant growth. This accomplishment by one of the world’s largest cargo operators and its partner, located in one of the busiest logistics hubs globally, is a significant boost for the aviation industry. Furthermore, it assures the customers of these organisations that they are adhering to the highest safety and security standards when transporting products containing lithium-ion batteries.”

Regional Head Cargo, South Asia, Middle East and Africa Rajesh Menon said:

“As leaders in global airfreight operations, ensuring safe and secure delivery of all our shipments is of paramount importance to us. Cathay Cargo firmly believes that the entire supply chain shares the responsibility for ensuring safety during the transportation of lithium-ion batteries. We strictly adhere to safety regulations both on ground and in air, while prudently following established requirements.

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